With Nike’s acquistion of the NFL in 2012, the brief was to Modernize the Sideline, so that innovation would exist in both players uniforms and their coaches’ product. A system of dress was created to allow the coaches to layer their product according to the climate/season, and to use high quality performance fabrics to sustain the elements. The resulting designs were modern and youthful in their style, while still honoring the status and experience of the NFL coaches and trainers. 





Knowing that the NFL is the pinnacle expression of Football, the opportunity to align the NCAA product was equally important. With over 60 NCAA teams wearing Nike product, the challenge was to maintain a strong Nike handwriting in the product, but keep the integrity of each school intact. The designs created allowed for differentation in colourblocking, fabrication, rib and stitching details, while the style lines remained constant. 

In action